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  • Fortune 500 Marketing Executive
  • Entrepreneurs/Business Owners
  • 20+ years in this area
  • Contracts & Negotiation Skills
  • Compliance Review Officer
  • Closing Coordinator
  • Multi-Lingual, Multi Cultural
  • In Depth Listing and Buyer Agent Experience
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Morgan McDonald -Team Leader, BSGMgt, Assoc Broker, REALTOR(r), MRP, Business Transfer Spec, IGNITE

Phone: 770-596-1792
Morgan is a Georgia native, husband, father and grandfather. He is an honor graduate of Georgia Tech, an Army veteran of the 82d Airborne Division, a former high tech expatriate contractor in the Middle East and an International Marketing Director for a major division of a Fortune 500 Corporation. He interrupted his MBA work at Plymouth State University in New Hampshire to open a highly successful corporate marketing office in Sachseln, Switzerland (near Lucerne) where he negotiated and closed business contracts in 13 countries. After returning to the US, he left the corporate world, became an entrepreneur and successfully bought and turned around a failing industrial gas company and an outdoor advertising company before selling them.

Morgan got his first real estate license almost 30 years ago in New Hampshire and got his Georgia license while working as a business broker. He currently is a REALTOR and holds a Georgia Broker’s license in his role as Team Leader of Atlanta Concierge Realty as part of Maximum One Realty.

His decades of experience negotiating and working with complicated contracts translated to a natural advantage in his real estate dealings. He served for two years as Contracts Compliance Officer for a Keller Williams office of over 200 agents and is currently under contract to provide compliance expertise for a smaller broker. Though Morgan is highly skilled in the technical aspects of contracts and negotiation, his considers his greatest asset his love of working with people and helping them through the complicated processes of buying and selling their homes. He currently holds the Redfin Mentor Badge for his work with first time home buyers, is a Trulia 5 Star PRO, an NAR certified Military Relocation Professional and a member of the Cobb Association of REALTORS Multi-Million Dollar Club.

10 things you didn’t know about me
1) I love college football, but not the pros.
2) I have been married 33 years to my best friend and the love of my life.
3) I have visited more than 27 foreign countries and lived in three.
4) My favorite pies are lemon meringue, pumpkin and mixed berry.
5) My parents were a truck driver and a seamstress and I am the oldest of six kids.
6) I write tall tales for my granddaughters called “Papa Tales”.
7) I love sci-fi and series like the Vikings, Outlander and Downton Abbey.
8) I would rather work Soduku and crossword puzzles than watch the news.
9) Fish roll over laughing when they see me coming with a pole.
10) I would do anything for my dogs.

Ivonne McDonald - Closing Coordinator, AA-Soc Sci, REALTOR(r), Medical Interpreter, Certified Montessori Instructor, IGNITE

Phone: 678-596-8527
Ivonne is a graduate of the University of New Hampshire who has lived and worked in the North Atlanta suburbs for over 20 years. She has a background in early childhood development and small business ownership. She has successfully owned, partnered in and operated businesses in the daycare, retail trade and advertising industries and has assisted in the management of a start up industrial gas company. Her extensive knowledge of business, negotiations and human psychology are major contributors to her success in Real Estate.

Ivonne is also fluent in English and Spanish, strong in French with a working knowledge of Portuguese and Italian and a rudimentary understanding of German. She has lived in Mexico, Central America, the Middle East and Europe. This has helped her develop a multi-cultural approach to business and interpersonal relationships which she applies to negotiations and working with international buyers.

As a REALTOR, Ivonne adheres to the highest ethical standards and consistently receives rave reviews from her clients. Her specialties are property searches and working with first time home buyers. She consistently negotiates her clients into position to get the very best deal possible on the homes of their dreams. As a mother, grandmother and long time resident of the area, she knows what is important when it comes to your home and has the skill set to help you find it.

10 Things you didn’t know about me
1) I am married to my best friend for life, a wonderful caring and intelligent man who puts up with my quirks.
2) I am a Foster Fail. Within 4 hours the pet has a name and it’s staying.
3) No crunchy potato chip is safe when I’m around. Cape Cod is the winner, hands down.
4) I am a Trekkie fan. “Live Long and Prosper” sounds good to me.
5) I like Vampire and Paranormal movies. No SAW series movies, please.
6) Gardening is a hobby I never plan to give up. Love, love to see things grow.
7) I am a nerd. Love learning. Period.
8) My granddaughters think I’m THE best baker in the world. Betty Crocker agrees with them.
9) I made and sold soap and toiletries for three years. Avoid commercial cleansing products like the plague. So allergic….
10)I lived in 4 other countries, speak three languages and understand 6. I am a bit chatty.


Horton - Team Member, R.T. (R) (T), REALTOR(r), IGNITE

Phone: 404-641-8751
Stacey is a wife, mother and long time resident of the Atlanta Metro area. She knows the area , knows the neighborhoods and knows the schools as well as anyone in the business. Her strong work ethic, attention to detail and deep sense of caring for her clients have contributed to her instant success as a REALTOR. Coming from a 20 year medical career treating cancer patients, Stacey joins Maximum One Realty as part of the Atlanta Concierge Realty team. She brings with her dedication to her clients and a strong determination to get the best for them on their quest to sell or buy a home. A U.S. Navy Veteran herself, Stacey is experienced with the special needs and issues specific to military members’ relocations. She takes great pride in serving the needs active military, Veterans and their families. In her role as wife and mother, Stacey knows the importance of having a home a family can enjoy and a home within a great school district. She combines this knowledge with her unique skill set as a REALTOR to make sure every client gets VIP treatment start to finish.

10 Things you didn’t know about me
1) I’m a scuba diver
2) I’ve traveled internationally
3) Mother of 3 4) Intense love of many types of music
5) Originally wanted to be a musician
6) Boiler Tech in the Navy
7) I love Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings. (movie and books)
8) I make my own hair and skin care products
9) I’m afraid of the dark
10) I still take naps

Clifton (Cliff) McGlon - REALTOR(r), Veteran

Phone 404-906-0238


Cliff is a native and  long time resident of the Atlanta Metro area.  He knows the North Atlanta market, neighborhoods, schools and communities as well as anyone and brings a unique understanding of them to his clients. He is a graduate of Harrison High School in Cobb County.  Cliff’s work background and his caring nature are attributes that insure his success as a REALTOR.   With a military background in Air Force Air Traffic Control and Fuel Analysis plus civilian experience in sales and customer service, Cliff is detail oriented, thoughtful and extremely thorough. He joins Maximum One Greater Atlanta Realtors as part of the Atlanta Concierge Realty team and brings his skill and dedication plus a drive to always get the best deal for his clients to every transaction. As an Air Force veteran of the War on Terror, Cliff is eager to serve the real estate needs of active military, Veterans and their families. As a native of the Atlanta area, he knows the value of having a home that meets family needs and a home in a great school district. Cliff is dedicated to our team motto and does everything in his power to insure every client gets VIP treatment start to finish.

Ten things you didn’t know about me:

1.  I love working on cars

2.  The gym is a passion of mine

3.  My favorite dessert is brownies

4.  I love horror movies

5.  I served in the US Air Force

6.  My dad also served in the Air Force and my mom is a CPA

7.  My favorite show is Prison Break

8.  My favorite childhood prank was TP’ing houses

9.  I am the youngest of three children

10.  I enjoy writing music